Are you a WIMP or a HERO?

I LOVED school when I was growing up. I loved shopping for school supplies and I loved getting to see my friends every single day. I loved learning and I loved projects.

Thankfully, I didn’t have CHEESE or GRUMPY SUPERNATURAL UNCLES to deal with.

As are heading back to school, I took it upon myself to do some research of what exactly that experience looks like these days. In doing so, I came across 2 recent hits from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment (and they were kind enough to share them with me): Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief.

Aside from the fact that both of these movies are based on books – something I greatly appreciate – here are some things I really liked about these movies:

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

  • Who can’t relate to the wimpy kid? I mean seriously? Who hasn’t lived in fear of unkowingly making the wrong move and being ‘branded for life’ with some nickname?!
  • And who hasn’t given a little shudder when their friend – or parents – have done something “uncool” – and then felt bad later for being a total jerk? Maybe that one is just me – but that is a hard and valuable lesson to learn.
  • Angie, played by Chloe Moretz, is amazing. She does sardonic so well…just as so many middle school children these days.
  • Learning to accept yourself and others just the way you are is such an important skill. Most people don’t achieve this until much later in life – if ever – and it’s so good to see a kid get a handle on this at an earlier age.
  • I hope Pineapple appreciates her friends for exactly who they are – because those friends are most likely to reciprocate and I want her to be the best Pineapple she can be.
  • BEWARE THE CHEESE! Seriously. It’s gross cheese – that stuff should have withered away forever ago…just like all of our insecurities…right? 😉
  • Oh and you can go “Wimp Yourself” by clicking here:

  • (Just like I did: 🙂)
  • ZOO-WEE-MAMA!!!!

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief

  • I never went back to school only to find out I was a human/mythological god by-product and then get to go to ANOTHER school that is WAY cooler with jousting and everything. I so, so, so wish that had been the case. But alas, I was destined to attend plain old school.
  • All of the random cameos – Pierce Brosnan, Rosario Dawson, Uma Thurman, Joey Pants… – I mean seriously, there were some cool people in some out-there roles.
  • The catch phrase: Half Human. Half god. All hero! (HECK YEAH! How fun is that?!)
  • This is such a neat twist on classic mythology and I feel like we’ve seen a lot of versions lately – this one wins, in my opinion. It’s fun without being cheesy; it’s not trying to do the same old thing again (ahem..Clash of the Titans…ahem) and it freshens up the tales.
  • The CG is actually good! They did a neat job of creating the menacing badies – I’m lookin’ at you Menotaur and Medusa! – as well as the creepy environments Percy has to navigate.
  • Who doesn’t like a kid who is willing to go to Hades to save his mother? Seriously.
  • It might be a little too frightening for wee ones but it’s definitely age appropriate for middle school and early high school folks…and grownups who love kid movies (*raises hand*).
  • Once again, the message comes through loud and clear, friends are important – and accepting them for who they are (Satyr anyone?) and having them accept and support you (helloooo – they went to Hades and it wasn’t even THEIR moms!) is what makes navigating the murky waters of school, and life, possible.

So – now that you know what I think, what’s in it for you, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. How about a copy of each of these movies??? BOTH. MOVIES. At once. Want them? Then all you have to do is leave a comment below sharing whether you were a WIMP or a HERO is your younger years – or maybe it’s both? Or, if you’d like, you can tell me if you think your KID is a wimp or hero – shhhh…we won’t tell! I’ll randomly select the winner on September 24th using Randomizer.


XOXO – Rachael

YAY! WINNERS RULE! Winners chosen via Commenter #2 (bluebayou) and Commenter #4 (Melistress) – Please email your mailing addresses to pababble(at)gmail(dot)com to claim your prizes. And CONGRATS!!!!

9 thoughts on “Are you a WIMP or a HERO?

  1. bluebayou says:

    Speaking as a Mom who has watched ” her ” little ones grow up, I can happily say mine are somewhere in-between the wimp and the hero!
    As with any hero you must learn to wield your “gifts ” with the understanding, not all peoples are deserving. Some are GIVERS and some are TAKERS. You must discern the difference. AND with anyone proclaimed as ” wimpy “, and I use this description loosely, we have ALL been THERE and DONE THAT! What some consider wimpy could be described as sensitive, shy, even misunderstood? I would like to think MY little ones have grown to see the difference? I favor the scripture, ” Judge not, lest ye be judged, for by the same MEASURE that you judge others, Will You Also Be Judged.” People tend to forget the last part? And as any mom would say, ” My children are Perfect in every way! ” Really?!! But, they are MINE, whether they admit it or not. And with any parent you see the flaws in yourself as you try and teach them to be Far and Above anything you thought possible for yourself. And even tho this is thought “silly” to say, ” I’ll like THEM for Always, I’ll love THEM Forever, As long as I’m Living My Babies They’ll Be.”

  2. I was a wimp who thought she might be a hero…or maybe vice versa. I was terribly bullied as a kid and yet managed to maintain a sense of who I was and how things should be. While I did let it get me down, I also learned from it and now use that experience to do what I can to get my kids through childhood feeling loved and strong. I always tried to do my best to help people when I could and I think that is where the hero part came in. I still maintain that as much as possible (but not to the degree that I would like) today. While I don’t feel that it was in any way a good experience, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It has made me who I am today and I think I actually like me.

  3. Well, I don’t know about me… I’d lean towards wimp … but my son is definitely a hero, and he’s only 4. He once kicked a soccer ball in the face of a bully who was beating up his best friend. And while I don’t condone violence, I was PROUD of my boy that day!!

    • I think it’s good to be proud of our kids – particularly when they’re standing up to bullies (and yeah, yeah, yeah – violence is no good but sounds like the bully started it?…yeah, I know…still no good…but GO KIDDO!!!!) 🙂 You are ENTERED!

  4. At one time, I was in choir, AP classes, and was a writer for the school newspaper. Then I got tired of being the wimpy kid and joined the football team. I still remember the first time that I locked someone in their locker. It was awesome to be on the other side (literally and figuratively).

    But to support the moral of the story, bullies are bad and it is good for kids to build self confidence and be happy with who they are. Locking people inside lockers is a bad thing, especially when there are smelly gym shorts inside.

    • DAN! I am SHOCKED! SHOCKED I SAY! I cannot believe you locked someone in a LOCKER!

      Shame shame.

      That said, I know you as a grownup and I think you’re a great guy, raising a great little guy (he is sooo cute, seriously). And I’m glad to know ya!

      You are entered. Good luck!

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