“No” and Other Curse Words

I’m banning the word “no” from the English language…it’s a revolution…who’s with me?!

Oh Pineapple, Pineapple, Pineapple….why oh why must you say “no” alllll thheeeee tiiiiimee?

She seriously says no constantly. I’m not sure I can take it. This morning, she came over to my bed and reached up and when I tried to pick her up and snuggle her, she lowered her arms and said “no kickle!” (Pinapple-ease for “no tickle”). It was friggin’ adorable but it made me wonder…do I tickle her that much?

Half the time when she says “no” she follows it with “daddy” (i.e. “no daddy”). That’s fine – I say no to daddy a lot myself 😉 – but when she says it, she could be saying it to the cat or the heater that just kicked on…it’s like the word “no” is just naturally followed by the word “daddy.” It’s starting to upset daddy to say the least. (I think it’s funny but don’t tell.)

The worst is when she’s getting in the car. I’ll try to pick her up and put her in and all you hear is “nooooooooo!!!!!!” – not because she doesn’t want to get in the car…because she doesn’t want to get in her car SEAT. I’ve written about this before – and yes, the eagle call is still in full force.

At dinner time: “Pineapple, take a bite.” “NO!” “yes, take a bite.” “NO DADDY!” (I’m the one giving it to her.)

At the park: “OK Pineapple only 1 more and then we have to go.” “NOOOOOO!” and then she’ll run off and pout before she even gets the last turn! Where is logic when you need it?!

Getting out of the bath: “Come on Pineapple – time to get out.” “No.” (This said from the far corner of the bathtub.) “Yes, Pineapple. You  have to get out and get dried off and dressed.” “No.” (This said from the bottom of the tub where she has now spread her scrawny little body, tummy down, and is attempting to grip the sides so as not to be removed.) “Pineapple, I’m not kidding. It’s time to get out now. Come on.” (Said as I lift her from the tub – fingers squealing on the siding all the way.) “NOOOOOOOO!!!!” (Followed by intense sobbing as if we told her that there is no Santa Clause or Easter Bunny and BTW, peanut butter and jelly are now considered a sin and so therefore are verboten. In other words, full-scale meltdown.)

The BEST though, is when she randomly throws a “thank you” on there. “Pineapple, would you like an apple?” “No, tank oo.” Yep – those are the best ones…just wish they were more common!

On another note, Pinapple and I joined her school at the pumpkin patch the other day. It was a lot of fun and Pineapple enjoyed the heck out of it – running all around and squealing at the animals (occasionally licking a pen to my abject horror). It was great. Then I started talking to the parents…they said “oh what is your daughter’s name” and I told them and they said “oh is her last name X”? “Yeeeessss.” I hesitantly replied. “Oh – we hear her name like that all the time! First AND last – from our perfectly behaved well-mannered that has probably never said no before in their life or thrown themselves prone on the ground in the mud upon being told that no they could not take a pig home with them child.” Niiiice. So does that mean that all the kids hear at school is “Pineapple X!” ???

I’m glad she’s strong and independent and knows what she likes. I just wish manners would accompany that and I wish that the word no would just die a horrible, painful death. Worst word EVER.

What’s your worst word ever? 

XOXO Rachael

2 thoughts on ““No” and Other Curse Words

  1. Unfortunately the word I most dislike these days is “da” or maybe it’s “duh”? My sixteen month old is not very verbal yet at all. My five year old, however, was speaking in full sentences at nine months old… so, maybe it’s good? In any case, it would be great to hear him communicate a little more. He knows who we are and can point to things or body parts if asked, but nope, nothing in the words department yet…. wondering when I should worry. Lol.


    • Is the 5 year old by any chance a girl? I hear they talk sooner – although Pineapple took FOREVER to start speaking and she’s now reaching the point where she’ll say random things and other peple can understand (without me translating 😉 ). I totally understand worrying but as I was told (over and over) he’s probably fine!

      and will be saying “duh” in no time, I’m sure…sheesh, these kids! 😛

      Thanks for commenting!

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