Sadly, vomiting doesn’t make me skinnier – only hurtier.

Thanks to my sweet little plague monkey – aka Pineapple – I spent all day long Saturday barfing my toenails up. I have seriously not been that violently ill in years. My back is sore to prove it.

Both DH and I spent the day getting to know the inside of a toilet bowl – intimately – and I got to practice my “grip the sink and the tub rail at the same time” technique. DH was stuck on a job site so had his bliss-filled experience in a port-a-potty….lovely.

Apparently Pineapple’s immune system is now effectively booting out all of the illnesses she is exposed to and placing them on us. So here’s the deal: we are SICK of being SICK! We need some immune-boosting tips and PRONTO.

I don’t care if it’s homeopathic, naturopathic, psychopathic – DISH. Over the counter, prescription only, just let me know what you do to fight off the yucks…because I do not want to be sick like that EVER again.

And we are clearly doing something wrong.


XOXO Rachael

One thought on “Sadly, vomiting doesn’t make me skinnier – only hurtier.

  1. Ugh. So sorry for you. I had that lovely experience when I was 8 mos. pregnant, if you can imagine. Thought I was going to barf up the baby.

    I don’t have any real tips, but this time of year I chug green tea, pop vitamins & attack my kids w/ hand sanitizer the minute I pick them up from school, the sitter, etc. I also force everyone to get flu shots. Feel better soon!

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