Worst Blogger EVER…or Welcome to the new world.


I couldn’t help it.

I was super busy?

I…um….ummmmmm…..it’s DH’s fault!!!!!!!


I’m just the worst blogger ever. I’ve been totally absentee not for weeks…for MONTHS. I am pure suckage and embarrassed by my behavior.

Alright – that’s extreme – and this is just a blog – albeit mine and therefore amazingly cool – but that doesn’t mean that by neglecting it I am some terrible person. I’m just a mom with a new job and a busy travel schedule and not enough will power or gumption to do my duties. So for that, I do sincerely apologize.

Now that you’ve forgiven me…right?…I want to let you know about some changes you will be seeing on this blog. One of them will make a significant difference, I believe:

I’m not reviewing products anymore. THERE. I said it. It got in the way of writing and made me feel like I was obligated to write – not why I got started – so that is out. If you read something on this site about a product it’s because I bought it and love it and think you should love it, too. No other reason.

Sadly, that also means no more prizes – but if you were really here for the prizes, there are SO MANY other great sites that do that and I hope you’ll check some of them out. Look over to the right side of my page – go ahead, I’ll wait – there are several really GREAT blogs listed there and you should check them out. Many of them do giveaways regularly. Enjoy!

I WILL be writing more about travel. My new job means I’m travelling a LOT more and seeing a lot more and eating a lot more AWESOME food. Expect to hear about those adventures because they ARE adventures…I’m not sure I’m capable of going anywhere without some adventurous aspect.

You will still get to hear stories about Pineapple and DH and our “glamourous” (read: drool and vomit and food-covered) lifestyle. So YAY FOR YOU!

Anyway – that’s where I’m at – that’s what I’m thinking about. So prepare yourself world! It’s about to get CRAZY up in here!…well, as crazy as a helicopter mom with attachment issues, not a lot of time on her hands, and a patient to the point of saint-hood husband can get.


XOXO – Rachael

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