Hello, my name is Rachael, and I’m a Travel-holic.

I have been travelling like mad lately. All for work – and it has been nuts. In the last few months, I’ve been to Atlanta, Denver, San Jose, La Jolla, San Diego, and Boston. I’ve toured old churches, hotels, haunted houses, historical buildings, capitol buildings, you name it…I’ve explored it. And I’M EXHAUSTED!

And Pineapple is pretty freakin’ sick of it, too.

Don’t get me wrong. I love to travel. I feel like I get to see things I might not otherwise experience – and it’s basically paid for by somebody not me. And that’s good, right? But it is so hard being away from Pineapple. She is so clingy and gets panicky when I drop her off at school – no wonder, given that often I drop her there on my way to the airport. *sigh* And I miss her desperately while I’m gone. It’s so tough to leave her and DH, knowing that she’ll ask for me and about me the whole time. I know it makes things hard for DH, too.

Anyway, in my recent travels, I’ve seen some interesting things I thought I’d share with you. 🙂

I visited the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. It is AMAZING and the story is incredible! Mrs. Winchester continued to build that house for years and years…adding random stairways and doorways and seance rooms. It’s just an amazing structure. And beautiful, too. The woodwork is unbelievable an all handcarved on the property. There are also spaces left as they were after an earthquake destroyed a portion of the home…just amazing that this woman chose to live that way because a psychic on the east coast told her to move out west, build a house, and never stop building or the ghosts of all those people killed by Winchester rifles would torment her (I suspect the psychic had a family member in the construction biz in Cali…but that’s just an idea). I highly recommend touring this place – it is worth the price of admission. But I don’t think it’s the best idea for smaller/younger children. It is a LONG tour with lots of information but would most likely be terribly boring for very small kiddos. So leave the kids with a sitter and check it out if you get the chance!

The King’s Chapel in Boston has an amazing tour called the “Bell & Bones” tour. For $8 you can have a private tour of the crypts below the church and the bell tower, complete with a bell made by Paul Revere himself. The crypts are really interesting, too and still home to a lot of folks buried there – including the “Stranger’s Tomb” full of a lot of people they have no way of identifying. There are also 3 cardboard boxes on a desk in the crypt area that hold the remains of 3 individuals who passed within the last 30 years…they had their remains mailed there in the hopes they could be included in a crypt and their families didn’t want the remains back…so there they sit, stacked on a desk in temporary boxes…strange!

For that matter, Boston itself is just amazing. There is SO MUCH to see and do and most of it is free with donation boxes at the entrances to churches and old historic buildings. You can walk the freedom trail and see the Old North Church and Paul Revere’s home (one of the only buildings that did NOT burn down years and years ago). I know that many of my friends will think this is sacrilige…but I actually like Boston better than NYC…I know…shouldn’t have said it out loud…but it is true! Oh and another neat thing, we saw Mila Kunis in the Cheer’s bar…she is as gorgeous in person as she is on the bigscreen. Totally unfair!

I think that’s enough for now. I’ll share some information from my next travel adventures soon. In the meantime, I hope you’re getting to do some travelling of your own. And I hope I get to stay home for a bit with my sweet Pineapple. 🙂



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