I’ve lost that lovin’ feelin….

WO-OAH that LOVIN’ FE-e-lin’….

At least that’s what it feels like anyway. Where has my motivation to write gone? Why don’t I feel it anymore like I used to? I love(d) to write…and now, I feel like not only do I not want to write…but what on earth do I have to write about.

So, let’s give this a shot…I’m just going to write about some things that are top of mind for me right now. Think of this as “flow of consciousness” writing ala Rachael. Ready? Here goes:

I need new brown boots. Well, not “need” but “want” new brown boots. I already have brown boots…more than one pair. Is this really how I should spend my money? On more? Can I afford another pair of brown boots??? Why don’t I like the ones I have? So weird.

Halloween candy is the devil. Especially right before I’m planning to go to Hawaii and I have zero motivation and have been sick, so not working out. And my bathing suit is ridiculous. Maybe I won’t wear it. I don’t want to look like a hippo wearing a scarf. Not okay by any standard. But I bet when I’m there I’ll eat a lot of fruit and stuff so maybe I’ll lose weight then and be able to wear it the last day?

My stepmom has been juicing and she lost 25 pounds. I don’t WANT to juice for my nutrition. It sucks. And then I’m just hungry and grumpy about how bad it sucks…but losing 25 pounds would be nice. WHY AM I CURSED WITH CHUB?!

I hate my mascara.

I wish I could afford/had the time to get a pedicure every week. Except while I’m getting them I always worry that the lady is going to cut me. Not in a streetfight kind of way but with those cuticle clippers. I hate those things. It makes the whole experience terrifying. So why do I want to do it so much? I am SO weird.

People are so odd. Why do people get mad at one another for the most random crap? My friend http://freerangeblogger.blogspot.com/2011/10/lets-call-whole-thing-off.html?spref=fb¬†recently received a nastygram via FB from a “friend” who decided she didn’t like the way she talked on FB. Seriously? Don’t look at it moron! This is like when my husband says “everybody keeps posting things on my page” and I have to explain “no silly, they are posting on THEIR pages and it’s coming up in your news feed” and he says “but why are they all saying this to me” and I have to explain “it’s not directed at you – it’s just them talking – if you don’t like it, don’t look at it – the world does not revolve around you!” I think that “friend” of hers has a “center of the universe” complex going on. Sometimes, people suck.

I hate my cell phone. It sucks. It’s a BlackBerry. Don’t buy one. They are terrible.

Pineapple is adorable. Every day she does something adorable. Except for last night when she bit me. And the night before when she head butted me and I’m pretty sure broke my nose. But other than that, she is a total peach. She’s so cute with her rosy cheeks. And she is the supreme snuggler of the universe (I’ve been told this buy her caregivers, as well). Some phrase gems she’s adopted lately:

  • I wanna hold you.
  • Put down me.
  • I do! I do!
  • OOh. I go poop.
  • I lov-a-you-toooooo.
  • I want mama.
  • You stay here – I’ll be right back.
  • Let’s go wis day. (i.e. “this way”)
  • I love it!!!! (when she receives or sees anything she likes)

*sigh* It’s hard to not spend every moment around her…except for the biting moments. Those suck.

I’m tired. There is not enough coffee in the world.

That is all.

I swear, I’m gonna get back on this blogging train. I love blogging and I love keeping a written record of my little family and our experiences…and hopefully, you enjoy it, too. If you’re still there. If not…oh well, I’m not really doing it for anyone but me.




2 thoughts on “I’ve lost that lovin’ feelin….

  1. nikki hydes says:

    You’re right.. no swim suit. Go naked instead! Have fun in Hawaii and even if you feel it isn’t true, tell yourself you look like look like Heidi Klynn in your swim suit. Im told women with crazy self confidence exude sexiness. Im thinking you might even want to ditch you bikini and go for a Brazilian thong. That screams confidence and sex appeal.

  2. bluebayou says:

    we could all write a book on what goes on in our lives everyday.
    some as it really happens, and some as we percieve it.
    that’s the beauty of a blog, our emotions, happy and sad, dictate how we see the events in our lives and it teaches us, hopefully, how
    to react to those events with a bit of grace and dignity.
    I think you handle all events with a great amount of both.
    as far as I’m concerned you are one of the SUPER MOMS everyone hears about and you should be applauded on a daily basis!
    well done!!!!

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