Yeah….so, 2014? Not my best year ever. And from what I’m gathering from friends and family, not necessarily most folks’ best year ever. So, I thought I’d share some highlights from my year and some goals for the next…you know, because it’s that time and all….

2014 Highlight Reel (Spoiler Alert! This is the poopy list.)

  • I turned 40.
  • I had an emergency appendectomy. (Because apparently, once you turn 40 your body just throws its hands in the air like it just don’t care”…in a bad way.)
  • I was laid off…while on medical leave for my appendectomy…I do not recommend this activity.
  • I interviewed with one company approximately 9 million times only to be told that I was too experienced and they needed someone more junior. REALLY?!
  • Pineapple started kindergarten. And turned 6. Within 2 days of each other. I cried…so. hard.
  • I had MORE surgery – this time because I developed a FREAKING HERNIA. Yep. You read that right. A FREAKING HERNIA. Why you ask? Oh, no reason. I was lying on a blanket in the park, reading while Pineapple played in the fountain…and when I stood up….my guts just sorta fell out. Yep. You read that right, too. Guts. Fell out. Of a hole. In my stomach muscles. Apparently, having kids + an appendectomy where they cut a hole in your navel area = really weak navel area. Or better known as “once you turn 40, your body just throws its hands in the like it just don’t care”…in a BAD. WAY.)
  • Pineapple’s teachers started noticing that she struggles in class…a lot. She can’t sit still, can’t focus, doesn’t really follow directions, has trouble retaining information (probably because of the not-focusing), and her speech language delay has become a real issue now that she’s older and the other kids struggle to understand what she is saying. It causes very real frustration for her. And it’s very scary for her parents. (That would be me and DH…we’re worried.)
  • I had to have 4 fillings. Why? Because I grind my teeth and cracked them and created these massive holes in my teeth. Why do I grind them? OH, I DON’T KNOW. Care to wager a guess???
  • DH, Pineapple, and I have been sick. All. Fall / Winter. Long. Honestly. I’ve bought stock in Robitussin and Advil. I’m gonna be rich, at least.
  • I had a hangover. Kidding! I had like 900 hangovers. Why did I have hangovers? OH, I DON’T KNOW. Care to wager a guess????????

But like I said…it wasn’t all poopy. Some really good things happened in 2014….

  • DH took me to Seattle for my 40th and my Lil Sis threw a Mardi Gras-themed party for me on my return. I got to spend alone time with DH and still got to party with my friends and family. BIG win-win!
  • We took a mini-vacation to the Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon (which was AMAZING) and then bopped our way down the coast visiting the Newport Aquarium and other cool places along the way. It was a simple, easy, and CHEAP family vacation…and it was perfect. We plan to repeat this as often as possible.
  • I spent the summer with Pineapple. No work. No excuses. No “we’ll do that later.” We had an absolute blast! I introduced her to the library – like daily. We jumped in puddles, and ran through fountains, swam in pools, and touched some sting rays. We went to the coast, we camped in the backyard, we visited all of the hotspots for the pre-K set in the PDX area, and we ate a lot of unhealthy food all while wearing princess dresses (seriously…one of them had a hoop skirt…that one was a challenge getting in and out of the car). We. Had. Fun. It was honestly the best Summer I’ve had in many many years. So maybe…just maybe…getting laid off wasn’t such a bad thing?
  • My Lil Sis got engaged – married – and had a baby! That means, I got to celebrate an engagement, help throw a BEAUTIFUL wedding in the Columbia Gorge, and welcome a new AMAZE-PANTS baby nephew to our Pineapple-loving family. And he’s a cutie!!! (No really! I didn’t even have to use the “oh, you must be proud” fall back all southern women are familiar with…don’t lie…you know exactly what I’m talking about.)
  • Pineapple started kindergarten. This one is bittersweet so it’s in both lists. She’s getting so big and learning so much every day. Even with her struggles to stay still / focused and correct her speech delay, she is still growing and changing constantly and acquiring new skills…and new challenges. I worry for her constantly but DH and I are working with her, and anyone else we can get our hands on, to help her be successful in her educational journey. It’s tough for all of us but if you’ve read a single post on this blog over the years, then I’m sure you know that she’s worth it.
  • I got a new job with a great firm and I’m actually enjoying the work! It’s challenging, I’m given the freedom I need to identify new opportunities for growing the business, and I’m meeting some pretty cool people in the process. Let me sum it up this way…DH took Pineapple, her friend, and my niece to the aquarium today. My comment? “I wish I didn’t have to work and could be there with you!…but I’m really glad I have a job I like.” That’s saying something, folks.
  • My Lil SisInLaw got married!!! In Nantucket!!!! Which means that I got to throw a fun engagement party for the bride and groom, then our whole fam damily picked up and hauled our buts to a tiny island off the east coast where I got to help out with a gorgeous wedding. It was beautiful and fun and a real adventure for everyone! DH and Pineapple got to see the Atlantic coast for the first time, we had a chance to tour Boston (new to both of them, as well), and we created some pretty amazing memories in the process.
  • We just celebrated a quiet and fun holiday at home with (some of our) family and (a few of) our friends. We wish we could have spent time with everyone but due to distance and hectic schedules, that just wasn’t going to happen this year. But we had a really great time with the folks we did get to see…we are truly blessed in that department.

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 3.29.23 PM

So, in spite of the job issues and stupid surgeries and stupid fillings and being stupid sick all fall / winter, we had a pretty amazing year. I suppose that even with the bad, there is good to be found. Maybe my struggle isn’t with the year…maybe it’s with my perspective.


BRING ON 2015!!!!!!

XOXO – Rachael

P.S. I’m back. 🙂




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