Just ONE More Hug

Cheesy mommy moment, so please forgive me….

Pineapple gets in trouble at school – a lot. Mostly due to the fact that she is easily distracted, very physical, and loves to chat with others (dang ADHD). So every morning, after I walk her to her classroom, we stop just outside the door and talk about how she is going to use good manners, be gentle with her friends, and stay on task today.

Today was a typical morning. We had our talk, during which I have to cup my hands around her face to keep her focused on me instead of waving at her friends/jumping around/pointing out the artwork.

Me: “So, today we are going to stay on…”

Pineapple: “Task.”

Me: “And we’re going to keep our hands…”

Pineapple: “To myself.”

Me: “Good girl – you are so smart and I know you can do it. I love you. Now go in there and have a good day.”

She ran away from me at that point…over to her classroom door…and I said “PINEAPPLE!” And she turned around and I mouthed “I love you.”

And she smiled and went in the classroom.

I stood there for a moment…wishing for just one more hug this morning…but she didn’t come out. So I turned to walk down the hall and I hear “HEY MAMA!”

I turned around to see her standing there in the door and she said “Goodbye – I love you.”

So I held up my arms and she ran to give me a big, swing-around hug. EXACTLY what I needed. It also made me tear up…just a smidge.

But she’s only little for a bit longer. And her hellish kindergarten days are winding down (truly, hellish…unfortunately). And today, I just needed that one, last goodbye and hug…and somehow. She just knew it.

Kids…thank God for them.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 9.41.15 AM

Here’s to hoping that everybody has a swing-around hug kinda day!



I hope your day is full of hugs and love!

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