I Like to Read (a lot)

This page is simply a listing of books I like – and that you might enjoy, as well. I read – a lot – and I always have a few books in the hopper just waiting to be enjoyed. I also read to Pineapple a lot…maybe I’ll include some of those sometimes. Occasionally I’ll add a thought or two but mostly, I’m just sharing some good reads!

This page will be updated regularly so be sure to check back. And also, please feel free to share your recommendations – I do enjoy a good book!


CURRENTLY READING: The Afterglow Trilogy by Allyssa Rose Ivy

Shiver by Maggie Steifvater (I enjoyed this book – a different side of werewolves. It was very well written and interesting. I kept waiting to see what would happen – and I wasn’t disappointed. Looking forward to the 2nd in the series – Linger.)

The Children’s Hospital by Chris Adrian (Coming back to this one…)

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (This book is great. It describes itself as the book all of the little brothers were reading while their sisters read Twilight…I would argue that little girls would equally love this book. And my my my aren’t they lucky for having all those options! 😉 Super intense – heavy subject matter – and amazing writing. Literally kept me going to the very last word…can’t wait to get the next book in the series!)

First Lord’s Fury by Jim Butcher (If you haven’t read any Jim Butcher, I order you to do so now. If you haven’t read his Codex Alera series and you are a fan of horses and swords sci-fi…RUN TO THE STORE AND GET THE FIRST BOOK – Furies of Calderon – RIGHT NOW! This book – and the entire series for that matter – totally. rocks.)

 Impossible by Nancy Werlin (Based on the Simon & Garfunkle tune “Scarborough Fair” a young girl learns she is cursed by a Faerie Knight and must complete three impossible tasks. Even though it is a “young adult” novel, some of the themes and content is DEFINITELY advanced and difficult to process. It was a great book, though and it’s a stand-alone, so if you want a quick read and enjoy your fairy tale endings sweet and tied with a pretty ribbon, this book is for you!)

Black by Ted Dekker (I want to say “fast-paced”…I want to say “edge-of-your-seat”….I want to say “amazing”…I’m going to say “I liked it – I’ll read the other 2 in the trilogy – but I still liked The Lost Books series better.”)

The Lost Books: Chosen by Ted Dekker (I got this book because I liked the cover and I wanted something along the horses and swords vein…it was good! I really enjoyed this book and didn’t realize until the end that this book is actually part of a mini-series which takes place between the 1st and second book in the The Circle Trilogy. Given that, I’ve chosen to read the trilogy first and then come back to these.)

Nightlight: A Parody by The Harvard Lampoon (Really? Edwart Mullen and Belle Goose? And it’s a stretch to say the least. Though there are funny moments, I’m better there is better mock fanfic out there….but the cover made me giggle and my sweet, wonderful niece got it for me. It’s a nice, brainless time waster….but I’d rather read the original!)

 The Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger (Although the ending did frustrate me quite a bit. If you’d like to know why, email me. I’d hate to give anything away and also, I have lots of opinions about this book.)

Things I Learned About My Dad In Therapy by Heather Armstrong (The essays in this book are not all by Heather but a couple of them are and the others aren’t shabby at all. I do have my favorites but I’d love for you to pick your own.)

The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer (Oh quit your griping about all the Twihards and just read them already. Trust me, you’ll enjoy them more than you thought you would!)

True Mom Confessions: Real Moms Get Real by Romi Lassally (L.O.L. That is all.)

7 thoughts on “I Like to Read (a lot)

  1. I LOVE to read too! I admit to having a hankering for those Southern Belle’s tomes! Seriously, only Southern Belles can make lice and ugly babies SOUND like appealing!

    Can’t wait to keep up on your current reads! I see the Twilight series listed, have you made the jump to P.C. Cast + Kristin Cast (The House of Night Novels)?

    In any case, I {heart} reading and I’m thrilled to follow a fellow Powell’s lover! =D

  2. Jenny says:

    Hey Cousin Tim’s wife Rachel, I love to read too!!! The Time Traveler’s Wife is on my Top 10 all-time favorite books! I really like The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. Have you read it?

    • Well hello Cousin Jenny! 🙂 I HAVE read The Historian – it’s a really good book. It actually reminded me quite a bit of Dan Brown’s writing (e.g. The Divinci Code). I’m trying to get Tim to read it….think you could help me encourage him??? 🙂

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