Naughty Auntie!

So I’ve been AGONIZING over feeding the Pineapple whole pieces of Puffs and O’s…I’ve been crumbling them into bitty bits – but last night, Pineapple was sat by her Auntie. And AUNTIE IS NAUGHTY! Following is a breakdown of the Pineapple’s evening after Auntie got her hands on her:

  • It was dinner time, so rather than put a bib on the Pineapple, Auntie just took her cothes off. Nekkid eating!
  • Auntie gave her WHOLE Puffs and WHOLE Cheerios, though in all fairness, she watched her like a hawk and the first time she gagged a bit, Auntie fish-hooked the offending bit of food and promptly broke the rest into bits.
  • Auntie gave her a bath on her back!!! She laid Pineapple on her sponge turtle in a bit of warm water on her back and let her splash like a mad woman. Apparently Pineapple loved it but I never do this for fear of ear infections – to which Auntie said she bathed all her babies this way and ear infections are caused by bacteria…not water.
  • After bathtime, Pineapple received a full body massage and was then placed on a big blanked on her fluffy carpet in the bedroom and encouraged to romp around naked for half an hour! (OK – gotta admit, that sounds like fun to me, too!)
  • When I came in the Pineapple was having her diaper and clothes put on while drinking her own bottle – with her own little hands – all by herself.
  • Auntie then proceeded to inform me that her time with Pineapple was not complete until she was rocked to sleep so I hovered around wanting to smoosh and smooch my Pineapple but understanding that Aunties and Pineapples need their own special bonds, as well.

So what’s the lesson here – besides “Auntie is WAY more fun than Mommy”??? I think the lesson is the maybe, possibly, but probably not, Mommy may be a bit high strung and holding the Pineapple back. I mean really, who DOESN’T appreciate a good naked romp on a big fuzzy rug every now and then?!

Pineapple wants to publicly thank Auntie for a wonderful, fun evening. Come over again soon!