Nasty kNees are a NO NO

Our carpet is disgusting. There is no other way to say it. You can’t “nice it up.” No “turds” to polish here. It’s not “Dir-tay,” it’s “DIRTY!” Ew. And it smells. Yuck. Not so good when you’re thinking about your 9mo taking her first little scoots and scrambles on her delicate baby hands and knees across this gross flooring *shudder*.

Thankfully, problem solved! I made an executive decision last week and called in a carpet company for a free estimate – the new carpeting arrives tomorrow! I simply cannot express to you the level of excitement this has caused in our home. DH actually informed me yesterday that after the new carpet arrives, the cat is to be officially banned from our home due to the fact that she leaves ginormous furballs wherever she goes. He then said with a very serious face “I’m planning to be really OCD about this carpeting – I hope you don’t mind.” As long as he has a vacuum in his hand, he can OCD all he wants!!!

So sweet Pineapple will now have a great place to make her first moves and take her first steps. Love. It. Even better, it’s GREEN carpeting! (not the color green – EW – I mean seriously, Jon and Kate pulled up their green carpet so I can’t have it now, can I?!) Apparently most carpet is made from oil – really – but this carpet is made from recycled soda cans! So not only are we not wasting a precious resource, we are helping lessen a landfill. Another big selling point – it’s Scotch-guarded – so given Pineapple’s reflux and the inordinate amount of spit-up that baby produces, this is a REALLY good thing. All in all, I couldn’t be happier with our choice.

If you live in the PDX area and are considering getting new carpeting, let me know and I’ll share the name of the company we went with and the contact information. We were very satisfied with the carpeting selection and the representative we dealt with…in fact, I think I must have thought no less than 5 or 6 times that I wished my niece were there…he was just her type! (sooo cute!)

Oh – and I’ll be tweeting throughout the process tomorrow – so be on the lookout!