Pineapple gives kisses. Yep. It’s official – she is the CUTEST baby in the whole entire world. And she’s MINE – alllllll mine!

I’ll describe the scenario for you and then you can either go puke from the gooey-ocity of it or you can revel in the warm, delish feelings you get from the mental imagery – your choice.

So, if I’m holding Pineapple and I say “kiss mommy,” she leeeans forward and opens her mouth slightly until it’s firmly placed on my mouth/cheek/forhead/nose. At this point I make a *smacker* noise. That is her cue to lean back and prepare for the praise – which is abundant and full of squeals and exclamations of intelligence – while smiling broadly and giggling. She performs the same when asked to kiss a picture in a book, her stuffed bunny, etc., etc.

This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m thrilled to be a mommy right now and am so glad I got a cute baby and not one of those not cute babies (like that would ever happen, right?!).