So my good friend @dananderson recently made a comment on my Twitterfeed (@pineapplebabble) that if the Pineapple doesn’t stop getting sick, I’ll need to change my ID to “PineappleBUBBLE.” And I’m afraid we are not far off from that!

This last week has been a serious test of my parenting skills, ability to function on zero sleep, marriage, and sanity. We started out last Sunday with a nice cold for the whole family – Pineapple, DH and I were all down for the count – and it just went downhill from there. DH and I were both too sick to go to work on Monday and Tuesday and Pineapple was home with us, working on her own mucous issues. Tuesday afternoon, we took Pineapple to the doc for a check-in because her breathing was so darned raspy and she was really struggling to get the sleep she (and we) so desperately needed.

After being told she had a simple cold, possibly aggravated by mild asthma, we were given steroids, inhalers and sent home to wait it out. That night, I had to scoop her out of her bed more than once to turn her upside down and fishook phlegm out of her little throat – SCARY BUSINESS. Needless to say, we addressed this with the doc but were told to “stay the course” and “you’re doing everything you can.”

Side note: I really HATE that statement. Not only does it rub my Type-A personality the wrong way but it just sucks. I do not enjoy looking at my tiny, red-faced Pineapple and saying “sorry sweetie, we’re doing everything we can.” There has to be more. But I digress…

Wednesday rolled around and though I was ready to return to work, Pineapple clearly was not ready for daycare. After a full day of nebulizing, steroids and trying to encourage a 9.5 month-old to “take it easy,” we thought we were on the right path. That evening as we watched Bolt and listened to a somewhat raspy but happy Pineapple point at Rhino and make “mine” noises (yes, we are bad parents that allow Pineapple to watch TV when she’s supposed to be taking it easy – we also have an extensive collection of Baby Einstein video that she enjoys on a regular basis – give me a call if you don’t like it – that chat will go well) we were feeling optimistic about the next morning.

Though she did wake up that night needing a little extra cuddling and bottle, she did OK so after a quick call to the doc, we dropped her at daycare on Thursday morning. We checked in with our srsly fabulous daycare folks throughout the day and were reassured that all was well and she was enjoying herself….That lasted until 3PM at which point I received messages on my cell, my work phone, DH’s phone and at his office saying Pineapple was “having trouble breathing.” Needless to say, I BOLTED for the exit, dialing the daycare on the way. I was reassured that she was OK, just REALLY raspy – more so than she had been earlier in the day. After picking her up, running her home, nebulizing her and calling the doc – and subsequently arguing with them about the necessity of an ER visit (holler if you think those places are the pits of hell…yeah, me too), we were told to monitor her, continue her meds and bring her in tomorrow morning (AKA today).

Let me just say…last night…was terrible. She was absolutely miserable. And my happy Pineapple – who is usually in a good mood even at the worst of times – was PISSED OFF. That baby was so mad – at me, DH, the puppy – I swear I saw her kick the cat – and she was inconsolable. The only thing that worked was me carrying her OUTSIDE for nearly TWO HOURS…walking around…in the middle of the night…outside. Ugh. So no sleep for her and no sleep for us and all of us are more than a little frayed around the edges. The puppy actually had his head under his sleeping pillow at one point. Oy vey.

Today we went back to the doc. Lo and behold…Pineapple has an ear infection on top of everything. Poor, poor, poor Pineapple. And now, we’re preparing for visits with pediatric allergy specialists, gastro-intestinal specialists, and another doc visit on Monday to try to figure out WTF is going on.

Now, let me be clear – I’m so thankful for my Pineapple. I’m so thankful that we can go to doctor’s visits and try to figure out what is going on and help her as much as possible. My Pineapple means the world to me. So while all of this sounds eerily like complaining, try to think of it more as lamenting. For her, for us, for my coworkers who have to hear about all my baby drama (you know who you are), and for all the parents out there who have dealt with a sick Pineapple of their own. It is hard. It isn’t pretty. And the illnesses last too long – one minute is too long, trust me. It is terrible to look at you wee one and know that you just cannot do anything else to help. It is heart-wrenching. But it is so worth every exhausting, terrifying, exasperating moment. So, so, so worth it.

And too make this week even worse, Ed, Farrah and MJ all passed away. THE announcer, a legend, and the king of pop. What. A. Week. Let’s all cross our fingers that next week is better. Have a good one!