Pineapple for Posterity’s Sake – part deux

A while back, I posted about Pineapple’s development. I did this because the original intent of this blog was to sort of virtually replace a baby book. So, posting about her progress seemed important to squeeze in between posts about vampires and her naughty auntie. In keeping with this concept, I’ve decided to provide an update on how things are going in Pineapple land…and how Pineapple is navigating the murky waters of developing a personality. Murky, murky waters….

First off, let me start by sharing that Pineapple is seriously opinionated. She knows what she wants and when she wants it. She also knows what she doesn’t want. Here is a list of what she doesn’t want:

  • to ride in a car seat
  • to go inside when she’s been outside
  • to sit in her highchair
  • to have her diaper changed
  • to have her hair washed
  • to get her nose wiped
  • to be told she cannot climb on furniture
  • to be told she cannot stick her fingers through animal cage bars
  • to be told she cannot stick her fingers in just about anything she shouldn’t stick her fingers in
  • to be told she shouldn’t put things in her mouth that don’t belong there
  • to have her hair fixed
  • this list could go on and on…but I think we’ll stop here for now.

But it’s not always about not wanting things…sometimes she REALLY wants something. Things she really wants:

  • more rice puffs
  • for the puppy to love her back
  • a ‘bobby’ (bottle)
  • to-ma-toes
  • to play outside
  • a hug
  • to sit on the stool next to mommy or daddy
  • to pet the kitty….ANY kitty
  • to draw or color
  • to brush her own teeth
  • to read a book
  • to be a lion (rawr)

And she’s so active!

She ice-skates. Well, not technically. There is no ice involved. This came about because they were learning about the Olympics at daycare and they taught the kids to put their hands behind their backs and sort of bounce while they walk around…then spin, spin, spin. She loves to “ice skate.” She enjoys pushing her doll stroller around the house – sans doll (apparently dolls are not allowed to ride in her strollers; that space is reserved for random toys) – and chase the dog and cat with it. She has a rocking horse and a push horse and woe be unto the person who tries to push her on either one. She’s super independent.

Other little things:

  • I wake up each morning to “momma – momma – momma – a-yeah – a-yeah – bobby – <giggle> – momma – momma…” BEST ALARM CLOCK EVER.
  • She will attempt to say just about anything you ask her to say…including, recently, I love you. <heart melting>
  • Her hair is longer in the back and just grows that way. Natural mullet? *sigh*
  • She gives big, amazing, kissy hugs. Over and over and over. They rule.
  • She smiles like a nerd. She has this jutting-her-teeth-out-making-some-weird-whining-sound-smile and it is too cute for words!
  • She tilts her head to the side when she’s trying to be cute and get her way. It works…most of the time.
  • She falls down. A lot. And she always has a bruise on her head/knees/elbows/head/face/head. It’s painful to look at but it’s part of life.

One last little thing…I love her with all of the depth and breadth of my heart and soul. My life would not be liveable without her in it…and this overwhelming feeling of love and gratitude for her just grows and grows each day. I wouldn’t think it was possible to love her more…but somehow, I do. She’s my Pineapple. And I’m so blessed.

I’d love to hear about the special little things your wee ones are up to – please share! 🙂

XOXO Rachael