I was feeling sad about the holidays being over so I decided to visit the future and take a peek at what the wrap of our holidays will look like 7 years from now…I found that Pineapple’s Diary was a GREAT resource for that information…enjoy.



(This means you, Mom!)

(Dad, if you see mom reading this, please remind her that my privacy is a real thing and it is important to me and she is not respecting that and we are both disappointed in her.)



Dear Diary,

Well, the Christmas break is coming to a close and tomorrow I head back to school. I’ve picked out my outfit and it is AMAZE-pants. Ky is gonna FLIP when she sees my new floral print blazer. It is soooo super retro cool. Here’s a pic of it: (fabs, amirite??!!??).

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 10.11.54 AM

Anyway, I’m feeling a little sorry for mom and dad. I mean, they’ve been going to work and stuff over the break while I got to chill here, play vids, and raid the fridge but we still had a lot of quality time together. I know how important that is to them. And I made sure the house needed some cleaning when they got home – it’s mom’s favorite hobby. I’m always thinking of them. They are so super needy, you know?

They always want to be around me and I know they love it when I get them up in the morning to make me breakfast. It’s important to them they they get to take care of me, so I go OUT of my way to get up super early, get them up, eat breakfast with them, and then once they’re gone, I head back to bed for a nap. I sometimes wonder if they will ever know the sacrifice I make for them by getting up that early for NO REASON other than to let them spend time with me.

And just the other night, they were just sitting there alone in the living room, watching TV. Mom was knitting and dad was just sitting there with his feet propped up drinking one of those nasty scotches while they watched some lame movie (probably nothing actually any good was on). So, I walked in and started a conversation. Don’t tell anybody, but I told them all about how Ellie has been using ZERO manners and not respecting private space by making out with Ryan…like all the time. I know, I promised not to tell that she kissed Ryan but SHEESH, it was a public service for my parents!!! They were BORED!!! I know because as soon as we started talking they turned off that boring show and mom put her knitting away and they were totally asking me all sorts of questions about me and and Ellie and if I’d kissed anybody. They were so interested in what I have going on…I think it’s because they have such boring lives. Either way, PUBLIC SERVICE.

But tonight was the worst. They were drinking. Pretty heavily by the looks of the empty wine bottle on the counter. And they were just sitting there at the counter with their glasses, whispering and toasting. I think they were trying not to disturb me. because I’m pretty sure mom was crying…because I heard them say “the break is over…she goes back to school tomorrow.” So. Sad.

So, I’ve decided that next Saturday, I’m going to get up super early – like SUPER – and get them to take me shopping. That will totally make their boring day so much brighter. I mean, they are always saying that the reason they work so hard is so I can have the things I need. I definitely need some new moon boots for my rainbow-print jacket – they have some super retro cool ones at the mall…I saw them when I was there with Ky. Mom acts like she thinks they’re ugly but I know she likes retro because she had a jacket almost exactly like mine when she was in middle school. 😛 Here’s a pic: (loooooovees).

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 10.16.49 AM