Chill OUT Already!…you’re harshing my gig!

Pineapple is typically a very mellow, easy-going, happy child. We’re regularly told that she is a very good baby and the best snuggler at daycare. We already knew these things but it’s nice to hear somebody else say it. The¬†major exceptions to this laid-back attitude¬†would be when she’s making her eagle call or having a fit about something she MUST HAVE RIGHT NOW or when she’s is giggling hysterically at something she (and often only she) finds funny. The picture above was taken at daycare as she lounged in the pit of Pooh Bear dolls where the caregivers tell me she has a tendency to hang out…or even try to hide. She looks pretty mellow to me.

This picture, however:

was taken just a few moments later and is indicitive of her playful, giddy, hilarious nature. I imagine one of the ladies was tickling her or pretending to grab her toes…either way, this is my precious, wonderful, hilarious little gift from God. Thought I’d share some happiness ‘Pineapple Style’ with the world.

Happy Wordless Wednesday!